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With the development of Africa’s digital economy a significant driving force for the continent’s economic growth, the launch of Open Access Data Centres (OADC) represents a major milestone for Africa: a US$500 million-plus, multi-year investment programme that will strengthen key elements of the continent’s digital infrastructure.

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OADC is supporting and accelerating Africa’s digital transformation by constructing and operating a pan-African network of world-class, client-centric data centre facilities, fully connected into Africa’s largest network infrastructure and specifically designed to meet the demands of telcos, ISPs, the cloud operator and wholesale community and major enterprises such as finance and governments.

Enterprises, cloud operators, content providers – and the ecosystems supporting and supported by them – are changing their infrastructure deployment strategies, either to fulfil demand for content to move closer to the edge of the network, giving improved availability and premium performance, or to optimise networking and storage costs by pre-processing data locally. No longer is a presence in a single data centre sufficient to address a country or region. Instead, the need to make content available – and to process ever-greater volumes of data – closer to where it is generated or consumed, is increasingly demanding a core-to-edge architecture comprising meshed local and core data centres, fully connected into Africa’s network infrastructure across multiple countries and cities.


OADC data centre facilities are strategically located throughout the African continent, focusing on key locations for connectivity in each country. As well as creating facilities in major urban areas, OADC is  operating data centres at key cable landing stations for the new multi-Terabit per second Equiano and 2Africa subsea cable systems now under construction around Africa. The deployment of these cables is transforming connectivity in Africa, and by establishing world-class, open-access facilities at these strategic interconnectivity points, OADC is  enabling the creation of vibrant ecosystems of cloud operators, content providers, application providers, telecoms operators and other businesses.

A vision for Africa

We are constructing a pan-African, carrier-neutral data centre footprint to support telcos, ISPs, the cloud operator and wholesale community and major enterprises such as finance and governments in extending their businesses across Africa.

Bespoke solutions capability

Our data centre facilities are designed to optimise the seamless and cost-effective implementation of bespoke client requirements, however complex. Together with the high-quality support and guidance provided by our expert team, standard and custom requirements can be efficiently identified, quantified and implemented.

Advanced support for business decision-making

Equipped with some of the most advanced information systems available, our data centres deliver the information needed to support effective business decision-making throughout clients’ organisations. A range of real-time and historical environmental, performance and financial data is available for secure online access by a controlled set of client employees.

Sustainability, energy efficiency and management

Committed to minimising environmental impact through use of Green technologies and initiatives, we are pursuing the internationally-recognised Green Star rating for our facilities; recognising sustainability in design, construction and operation. We are also seeking ISO 14001 and 50001 accreditations, confirming our environmental and energy management credentials.

Open Access Data Centres is a WIOCC Group company.

WIOCC is firmly established as one of Africa’s leading carriers’ carriers, serving the pan-African and international connectivity needs of its hyperscale and wholesale clients.

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