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Director, Engineering

Marc Matthews is a seasoned professional with a distinguished career in engineering leadership. Currently serving as the Director of OADC Engineering, Marc holds the pivotal role of spearheading all engineering activities within OADC, overseeing contractors, professional teams and client engagements as the principal agent.

With a wealth of qualifications and expertise in his arsenal, Marc is renowned for his ability to deliver exceptional results in data centre engineering, innovation and operational excellence. His background includes a Master’s degree in electrical engineering and professional registration as an electrical engineer with ECSA.

Throughout his career, Marc has achieved significant milestones, including his role as the lead electrical engineer for a monumental 200-million-dollar instrumentation upgrade project in Saudi Arabia spanning from 2012 to 2018. Following this, Marc transitioned to become the lead solutions architect at Internet Solutions, where his contributions played a vital role in supporting operations.

Marc is an active member of professional organisations such as ECSA, ATD (Uptime), and CTDC (TIA-942 consultant), further solidifying his commitment to continuous learning and industry engagement. 

A distinguishing factor that sets Marc apart in his field is his meticulous approach to data centre design, implementation, and client requirements, all while maintaining a relentless pursuit of operational excellence. His philosophy towards work reflects his unwavering dedication, driven by an unequivocal attention to detail and a priority for the well-being of his team members.

Beyond the professional realm, Marc finds joy in hobbies such as flying and building RC helicopters, which not only provide relaxation but also fuel his innovative spirit and problem-solving skills. With a blend of expertise, passion and a commitment to excellence, Marc continues to make significant contributions to the field of engineering and beyond.