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Partner with Africa’s fastest-growing data centre company

OADC Channel Partner Programme

The CODI channel partner programme offers an exciting opportunity for you to join us in enabling Africa’s digital ecosystem, driving economic growth and enriching society.

The programme provides our partners to deliver innovative, sustainable and cost-effective digital solutions to their clients.

What is CODI? CONVERGED OPEN-ACCESS DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE: Integrating open-access data centres with extensive hyperscale national and international connectivity,
offering clients redundancy, reliability, scalability and cost efficiency.

Partnership Opportunities

Partners will be provided with the tools and benefits to enhance service, streamline operations and boost their revenue.

As an Alliance partner you have the option to hold the contract with the client or partake in revenue share. You can either build a DC suite/ hall within our facilities or have your own on-site DC where we will partner with you for the build and operation. You will have custom commercials drafted on negotiation. *Available in South Africa, Nigeria and DRC.
You will own the contract with your client and will hold a master agreement with OADC. You keep the client on your books and take complete control of the sales process and relationship. You will receive discounted rates for rack space, enabling you to set your own margins. *Available in Nigeria and DRC.
Our agent programme allows you to effectively act as a broker on behalf of OADC. Earn a commission/ finders-fee for successful client acquisition.
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Nigeria is home to OADC's flagship Core Data Centre, located in Lekki, Lagos.
Launching in Q2, 2024, this facility is located within the Silikin Village tech hub in Kinshasa.
South Africa
South Africa is home to 4 Core Data Centres and >30 Edge Data Centres.
Africa's fastest-growing data centre company transforming Digital Africa

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The programme provides a platform where clients can expand their product offerings and seamlessly extend their business across all ecosystems in an open and transparent environment.


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