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ixp connectivity

Open Access Internet Exchange

The explosive growth in traffic on content provider networks means that ISPs and telcos must peer for traffic exchange – to reduce costs, increase redundancy, lower latency and improve performance.

Each OADC facility will have its own Internet eXchange Point (IXP), enabling peering connections to be set up between clients. Services can be tailored to support needs for high levels of redundancy, specific interfaces or any other requirement.

An Internet Exchange, often abbreviated as IX or IXP, is a physical infrastructure where internet service providers, content providers, and other network operators can connect and exchange internet traffic between their networks. The primary purpose of an Internet Exchange is to facilitate the efficient and direct exchange of data between different networks, thereby improving internet connectivity and reducing the reliance on costly and often slower long-distance connections.

Yes, it is carrier-neutral IXP connectivity. For connectivity to other IXPs you can choose any of the carriers present on site.

We have established an ecosystem that allows our clients to peer with multiple exchanges, both locally and globally.

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