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WIOCC and Open Access Data Centres Drive STEM Inspiration at Sammy Bright School in Lagos, Nigeria

[Lagos, Nigeria: 25 March 2024] WIOCC Group, the parent company of WIOCC, Africa’s digital backbone; and Open Access Data Centres (OADC), Africa’s fastest-growing data centre company; elevated their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts by inspiring and encouraging students at Sammy Bright School in Ajah, Lagos to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

Ryan Sher (COO, WIOCC GROUP) addressing students at Sammy Bright School, Ajah, Lagos.

The visit to Sammy Bright School underscores WIOCC Group’s commitment to fostering education and empowering the next generation of African leaders in technology and innovation. During the visit, executives engaged with students, sharing insights into the importance of STEM education and the myriad of opportunities available in these fields. “We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to interact with the bright young minds at Sammy Bright School and encourage them to explore careers in STEM,” said Ryan Sher, Chief Operations Officer at WIOCC Group. “As a company deeply rooted in Africa, we recognise the critical role that STEM education plays in driving innovation, economic growth, and sustainable development across the continent.”

The executives conducted interactive sessions with the students, highlighting real-world applications of STEM disciplines and sharing personal anecdotes to inspire and motivate the students. Through engaging presentations and discussions, they emphasised the significance of developing problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and creativity, all of which are essential attributes for success in STEM fields. Representatives from WIOCC Group included: Nikki Popoola, Director of Sales West Africa & DRC, Adesola Adesugba, Country Marketing Manager, Yvonne Okonkwo, HR Manager as well as Sales Managers Robert Ogbomo and Linda Mbaba.

Working with its Partner, Readland Global, WIOCC decided to select Sammy Bright School after looking at various other schools for the 2024 CSR because it fulfilled the requirements that it had set out in its CSR mission. Founded in 2011, Sammy Bright School currently accommodates 270 students. “The parents of our students are facing economic challenges, but despite this, we strive to maintain a peaceful environment,” explains Mr. Temitope Adebambo, the School’s founder. “We are deeply honoured that WIOCC Group has selected us for its Q1 2024 CSR Project. Their visit, along with the presence of their executives, has been invaluable. By facilitating our students’ visit to a data centre and providing much-needed assistance, they have made a meaningful impact on our school.” 

WIOCC Group’s CSR initiative at Sammy Bright School reflects the company’s broader commitment to social responsibility and community development. By investing in education and empowering young minds, WIOCC Group aims to create a lasting impact on the communities it serves, driving positive change and prosperity across Africa.