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Director, Projects

Shelley Durkin is an accomplished professional with a dynamic leadership career spanning over 16 years in the convergence of media, telecommunication and data centre construction. Renowned for her exceptional results achieved through strategic leadership, innovative problem-solving and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Shelley has cultivated a reputation that precedes her.

Shelley’s professional journey commenced in the dynamic realm of media and telecommunications. She played an instrumental role in the successful establishment of numerous Pay TV Platforms across the African continent, catalysing transformative changes for prominent industry players. In her role as Head of Customer Experience, Shelley harnessed her deep passion for customer-centricity, effectively elevating engagement and fostering unwavering loyalty among clients.

As a seasoned PMO Director, Shelley’s expertise shines at the nexus of technology, customer experience and program management. Her profound understanding of data centre program management coupled with strategic insights into customer needs, empowers her to spearhead transformational change while seamlessly aligning projects with overarching organisational goals.

With her comprehensive skill set, Shelley has orchestrated multifaceted programs that have indelibly shaped the landscape of data centre infrastructure. Her ability to navigate the complexities of this domain while maintaining a steadfast focus on innovation and client satisfaction sets her apart as a true industry leader.