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World-class security

OADC provides 24x7x365 comprehensive and fully-integrated protection from data centre perimeter to individual clients’ racks, through seven layers of physical and biometric security measures.

Our world-class security is based on a layering system which creates depth in the protection structure. This means that any breach in one element in the system – either internal or external – will not create a facility-wide vulnerability.

Zone 1: Perimeter.  This is the first layer of data centre protection, designed to deter, detect and delay.

Zones 2-5: Inner Perimeter. These next layers of protection restrict access to reception, common meeting areas and facilities, goods-in and storage areas and carrier meet-me rooms etc, with a mix of biometrics and monitoring systems.

Zone 6: Whitespace. This is a further physical security layer to restrict access to infrastructure rooms, the data centre’s white space and clients’ private cages and suites.

Zone 7: Racks. The final layer of security protects access to individual client racks.

Alongside physical and biometrics, an important element of any security system is the people who manage the facilities and monitor security.  At each of our data centres, our staff are trained to the highest standards and understand that the need to protect clients’ assets is a priority.

We understand that your mission-critical data requires the highest levels of security in a purpose-built environment managed by specialists.