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Roundtable: data centres – buy or build?

As continent wide-digitalisation ramps up across Africa, in-house data management is becoming an increasingly challenging concern for MNOs. IT professionals are facing numerous issues, and organisations of all sizes and across all sectors are considering outsourcing the hosting of their data and looking at colocation as part of their ongoing IT strategy. 

According to Mordor Intelligence, the African data centre market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 15.41% over 2023-2029, with growth rates peaking in Nigeria (23.24%) and South Africa (15.68%). 

For MNOs amidst the uptick in mobile adoption throughout the African populace, data management is a key priority; many are now facing the choice of building or buying, in-house or colocation. For some of the larger players, building may seem like a no-brainer to manage networks across the entire continent. However, for smaller operators with a presence in a handful of countries or less, the answer is less clear.