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Open Access Data Centres Launches Phase Two In Isando

With its Phase One data centre in Isando over 90% full after just one year of operation, Open Access Data Centres (OADC) is preparing to launch its Phase Two.

According to Darren Bedford, Group Chief Business Development Officer at WIOCC Group, the company’s Phase Two data centre is expected to go live some time in Q1 of 2024.

“It has been an incredible year,” states Bedford, “and the traction we have obtained in the initial phase of this development has been such that the majority of the data centre is already occupied. Such has been the massive demand from customers of all sizes for additional access, that we have rapidly progressed the development of the second phase.”

He notes that at present, design work for Phase Two has been completed, and the required mechanical and electrical equipment has been ordered. “Physical work is due to begin onsite in December of this year, with the project – which is a larger deployment than the first phase, comprising an additional 4MW of IT load and a further 600 racks – due to be completed within the first quarter of next year.”

Furthermore, the Isando area is something of a key location, in that it is an area that is evolving into a genuine ICT hub. The launch of Phase Two here will thus provide an additional boost to the region. He points out that OADC also has measures in place to deal with that typically South African threat to business – loadshedding.

“We have put a variety of measures in place, including bulk diesel storage and contracts with multiple fuel suppliers – and this is something that goes not only for the Isando operation, but for all our edge and core data centres around the country.”

Bedford indicates that the operation is situated 17km from the city centre and just 5km from OR Tambo International Airport. The existing site includes some 1 000m² of office space, along with a 300m² training centre. He adds that the site also has significant expansion capacity, enabling growth in line with client demand to 3 000m² and 7MW respectively.

“As a provider of data centre infrastructure, we welcome and cater for businesses of all sizes, from small and medium businesses, to enterprises and even large ISPs and mobile networks. In a digitally transforming society, we see ourselves as an enabler of the cloud, as we supply the physical foundations required – rack, power and cooling – to ensure our clients can leverage all its benefits.”

Moreover, he continues, OADC is a carrier neutral operator, meaning there is no single fibre operator that dominates site, so any fibre provider can bring connect to any client in the data centre.

It is also worth noting that OADC Isando holds the ISO 27001:2022 Information Security Management System certification and offers a Tier 3-certified data centre. He suggests that by ensuring it sticks to the industry standards, OADC is able to deliver an additional layer of comfort to its clients.

“We like to believe that in addition to the flexibility on contracting terms and the pricing and scalability we offer to clients, we also provide them with a very personal touch from our team, which is always willing to go the extra mile, and accommodate non standard requests. Also, as we are part of the Wired Group, our clients benefit from the Group’s vast array of terrestrial and submarine assets, enabling clients to connect to the entire African continent, and beyond.”

“Ultimately, OADC aims to create an environment in which all Africans can take advantage of its world-class technology developments, which effectively and cost-efficiently enable the cloud, affording them the opportunity to build better lives, better businesses and a better world,” concludes Bedford.