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Open Access Data Centres Lagos Takes Center Stage at NgPIF 2023, Affirming Leadership in the Peering Community

Open Access Data Centres (OADC) Lagos, Nigeria’s flagship data centre, is sponsoring this year’s Nigerian Peering and Interconnection Forum (NgPIF), reaffirming its leadership position in the peering community. OADC’s participation NgPIF underscores its dedication to transforming West Africa’s business landscape through its open-access, carrier-neutral and Tier-III certified data centre, as well as cultivating a thriving connected digital ecosystem.

OADC is not just a data centre; it is a catalyst for the digital transformation of businesses in Nigeria and beyond. The company offers a wide range of open-access services, including colocation, connectivity, Intra- and inter- exchange peering, designed to empower telcos, ISPs, content providers and major enterprises seeking to expand their business, reduce costs, lower latency and improve internet performance.

OADC’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ayotunde Coker, shared his thoughts on this significant milestone, stating, “OADC champions open-access peering believing in the power of fostering seamless connections between organisations and the peering community. We are offering a fresh, client-centred approach to data centres and peering in West Africa, providing facilities, services and support that enable businesses to expand into new markets with greater flexibility and scalability, and enhancing connectivity for sustainable growth.”

OADC transcends conventional data centres with their vision that is fundamentally about enabling Africa’s digital ecosystem, driving economic growth and enriching society. By creating a vibrant digital ecosystem, OADC facilitates innovation, collaboration and digital excellence, thus bolstering economic development in the region.

Dr Coker further emphasised the key benefit of peering with OADC: “Our members enjoy direct access to a robust connectivity ecosystem. We are carrier-neutral, adjacent to major fibre routes (Available through a range of onsite providers) as well as have Metro connectivity to major data centres in the Lagos area. OADC Lagos is also the landing station for the Equiano subsea cable system in Nigeria. With a design capacity roughly 20 times larger than any other cable currently serving the region, the Equiano subsea internet cable is having a direct impact on connectivity, resulting in faster internet speeds, reduced internet prices and improved user experience in Nigeria.”

The combination of an open-access operation including a data centre, internet exchange, subsea and metro connectivity creates a unique converged open digital infrastructure (CODI) solution which promotes superior connectivity and accessibility to the digital global economy with one provider.

OADC is committed to nurturing a vibrant digital economy in West Africa. Attendees at NgPIF are invited to engage with the team to explore the possibilities that come with being part of the Open Access Internet Exchange.

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