OADC is establishing an edge environment that expedites the realisation of business opportunities for its clients, consolidating edge computing, edge data centres and hyperscale connectivity within a single ecosystem.



We are building Africa’s edge DC infrastructure, implementing a core-to-edge architecture that supports improved application performance by serving data, content and applications closer to end users.

OADC Edge, our open-access edge DC infrastructure in South Africa, is the first to be deployed on the continent, integrating hyperscale network with storage and application hosting in edge locations throughout the country. Benefits for clients are enormous, particularly where large volumes of critical data can be processed locally before being forwarded to larger facilities, and where end-user experience can be enhanced by minimising latency.

We are developing this edge environment to support clients who are changing their infrastructure deployment strategies – either to fulfil demand for content to move closer to the edge of the network, giving improved availability and premium performance, or to optimise networking and storage costs by pre-processing data locally. No longer is a presence in a single data centre sufficient to address a country or region. Instead, the need to make content available – and to process ever-greater volumes of data – closer to where it is generated or consumed, is increasingly demanding a core-to-edge architecture comprising meshed local and core data centres, fully connected into Africa’s network infrastructure across multiple countries and cities. We are building that edge DC infrastructure for Africa.

Throughout 2022, as part of our core-to edge offering in South Africa, OADC will be establishing seven core data centres in major cities, and deploying a network of 50+ rack capable OADC Edge data centres into 100 sites in major business and connectivity hubs throughout the country. Deployment of OADC Edge will extend into key locations across Nigeria, with further expansion plans to be confirmed throughout the year.

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