Managing mission-critical data

Your mission-critical data requires the highest levels of security in a purpose-built environment managed by specialists. Exceptional levels of transparent operational and management flexibility and control mean you can tailor your environment precisely to your needs.

Ultimate flexibility for your digital assets

  • Our experts are ready to work with you in developing and deploying custom-designed, managed hosting solutions that support your business needs now and into the future
  • Advanced information systems delivering critical information to support business decision-making
  • State-of-the-art facilities fully protected by uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), backup generators, climate controls, redundant network connectivity and 24/7/365 monitoring and security


Data centre racks are designed to accommodate your equipment and cables. To meet your needs, whether your initial footprint is small or large, our racks are available in single rack increments. Our standard rack dimensions are 1200mm deep x 600mm wide for server racks with a design of up to 47U in height. Non-standard size racks are also available.

  • Single or multiple racks, supporting scalable expansion
  • Each rack can be tailored to your specific requirements
  • ‘Warm Hands’ technical support available
Cages & Suites

Cages & Suites

Cages and Suites are dedicated customer areas or rooms within our data centre facility.
Secure cages are constructed with high-specification panels and access controls to ensure that only authorised staff can access your equipment. Client suites typically have a separate entrance with bespoke in-room power, cooling, monitoring and access control.

  • Private and secure
  • Flexible and fully customisable to your needs
  • Our expert team can recommend options and work with you to optimise designs
Cold Aisle

Cold Aisle

We can provide dedicated cold aisle containment for up to 36 racks in a secure enclosure

  • Privacy and security where you need it


To support implementation flexibility, we offer a range of power options

  • Different power loads for each rack, presented as “busbar” sockets
  • Power within racks from a minimum of two separate supplies for redundancy and distributed by in-rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with any number and configuration of outlets to suit the equipment being supplied
  • Metering available – either of the PDU as a whole or for each outlet

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