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Making the right connections

Our facilities are 100% carrier-neutral. We understand your desire for seamless and robust interconnection with partners, customers, suppliers and your extended business ecosystem, as well as to specific data centres, IXPs and other facilities.

To support you in this, we offer you complete freedom in choosing preferred connectivity partners to deliver the local, national and international connections your business needs.

Client Cross-Connect

Client Cross-Connect

Interconnectivity where you need it

Cross-connects enable connectivity to other clients in our facility. We deliver and manage client connections to multiple Meet-Me rooms and other areas within the data centre.

  • Rapid delivery
  • Secure connectivity
Carrier Connectivity

Carrier Connectivity

Choice of networking partners

If you need to connect to any location outside our facility, we make it easy to arrange metropolitan-area, national and international connectivity services through any of the connectivity providers on site. We also offer you a choice of high-quality IP Transit services through our community of network partners.

For connectivity between our data centres, you can take advantage of dedicated, resilient network infrastructure, offering high-capacity, reliable metro, national and international links that can be designed and scaled to fit your changing needs.

  • Carrier neutrality
  • Wide choice of suppliers
  • Flexible, scalable solutions
  • Local, national and international connectivity options
IXP Connectivity

IXP Connectivity

Intra- and inter-exchange peering

The explosive growth in traffic on content provider networks means that ISPs and telcos must peer for traffic exchange – to reduce costs, increase redundancy, lower latency and improve performance.

Each OADC facility will have its own Internet eXchange Point (IXP), enabling peering connections to be set up between clients. Services can be tailored to support needs for high levels of redundancy, specific interfaces or any other requirement.

For connectivity to other IXPs you can choose any of the carriers present on site.

  • Carrier-neutral IXP connectivity
  • Scalable to support growth
  • Bespoke solutions capability
  • Extended reach to international exchanges

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