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Our bespoke build and fit-out accommodates all our clients

We build to suit. Our bespoke build and fit-out accommodates all our clients’ requirements for space, power, cooling and security, now and into the future.

OADC’s flexible, phased-construction approach has been designed to enable our data centres to exactly match each client’s unique requirements.

SPACE – We recognise that your business will change over time, which is why at an OADC data centre, your IT whitespace will be flexible and easily expandable, so you can use precisely what you need today whilst futureproofing your requirements for tomorrow.

POWER – The choice of supply current is yours. We support varying power densities – both AC and DC are available for bespoke space clients, and we provide power densities up to 15kW+ per rack.

COOLING – For bespoke space clients our customised cooling optimises PUE, with standard cold-aisle CRAC-based cooling and in-row or chilled water cooling for higher-density racks.

SECURITY – Whilst our security is world-class, we also allow our bespoke-space clients to install their own additional security solutions, such as CCTV, or additional biometric access controls within their suites/cages.

OFFICE SPACE – Our clients have access to shared or private office space which is available on a daily, weekly or long-term basis.

Our data centre facilities are designed to optimise the seamless and cost-effective implementation of bespoke client requirements, however complex. Together with the high-quality support and guidance provided by our expert team, standard and custom requirements can be efficiently identified, quantified and implemented.