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Open Access Data Centres Texaf Kinshasa awarded Tier-III Design Certification by the Uptime Institute

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), 18 June 2024 – Open Access Data Centres (OADC), Africa’s fastest-growing data centre company, is proud to announce the award of Tier-III design certification from the globally recognised Uptime Institute for its hyperscale core facility in Kinshasa, DRC.

In this classification, Tier-III design certification signifies that OADC Texaf Kinshasa has been designed to ensure high availability and redundancy, with multiple distribution paths for power and cooling, as well as concurrently maintainable infrastructure.

Scheduled to go live in Q3 2024, the 2MW-capable hyperscale core facility will feature an initial 400 square meters of IT white space, power security, open-access connectivity and guaranteed uptime. It will offer colocation and other value-added data centre services to support the cloud infrastructure needs of a wide range of businesses and enterprises. This development will accelerate the country’s digitalisation, benefiting multiple sectors of the DRC’s economy.

OADC Texaf Kinshasa is set to expand to 1,000 square meters of white space, ultimately accommodating more than 550 racks. Located adjacent to major fibre routes and offering connectivity through a variety of onsite providers, the open-access facility allows clients to connect easily to their preferred provider.

Mohammed Bouhelal, Managing Director of the OADC Texaf operation in the DRC commented, “This certification reflects our dedication to meeting and exceeding international standards in data centre operations. It reaffirms our commitment to deliver the highest level of reliability and uptime, suitable for mission-critical applications and services needed to expedite further development of the DRC’s ICT capabilities.”

OADC Texaf Kinshasa has successfully secured ten leading national and international carriers in its Meet Me Room (MMR), with the banking sector also adopting OADC Texaf solutions. This achievement supports its mission to develop a rich and dynamic digital ecosystem, providing content distribution networks, cloud content providers and enterprises with access to a high-quality peering and colocation services location in the country.

Mr. Bouhelal adds, “OADC Texaf Kinshasa is not just a data centre; it is a comprehensive, vibrant interconnected digital ecosystem and a strategic partner for clients seeking reliable, secure and sustainable infrastructure and connectivity solutions. We remain committed to providing our clients with services to support their business growth and success.”

OADC and TEXAF have partnered in the creation of this essential building block of the digital ecosystem in the DRC. This fully validates TEXAF’s strategy of attracting international industry leaders such as OADC to the country and specifically into the new SILIKIN VILLAGE digital hub.

Christophe Evers, Chairman, said, “OADC Texaf Kinshasa will boost multiple sectors of DRC’s economy. The facility embodies carrier-neutral principles, maximising interconnection opportunities for all clients. Increased competition and improved operator cost-efficiencies will contribute to the expected decrease in cost of internet connectivity for the Congolese people and companies. It will be major enabler for the emergence and enhancement of the DRC’s digital ecosystem.”