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Is OADC open-access and carrier-neutral?

Question: Open Access Data Centres (OADC) is a sister company of pan-Africa and international connectivity provider WIOCC. Don’t you have to buy connectivity from WIOCC to use OADC data centres (DC) in Isando, Rondebosch, Brackenfell and Durban, and the 30+ OADC EDGE DCs?

Answer: All OADC DCs are carrier-neutral and truly open to all ISPs and WISPs, irrespective of the company from which they purchase interconnectivity.

In fact, a key benefit enjoyed by OADC clients is free access to the rich and vibrant digital ecosystems created by the multitude of carriers, ISPs, WISPs, etc. within OADC DCs. This enables all DC tenants to simply and freely connect with each other to better serve their own customers.

Because OADC DCs are open-access and carrier-neutral, all clients within OADC’s facilities can extend their connectivity and improve resilience by cross-connecting with other carriers present within the DC.

Question: Can I become an OADC client AND keep my existing, non-WIOCC connectivity?

Answer: Absolutely no restrictions. OADC data centres (DCs) are carrier-neutral, meaning that all carriers can freely connect into and from an OADC facility.

With all OADC DCs fully connected into WIOCC’s network infrastructure, additional or alternative connectivity is available through WIOCC. However, no carrier, ISP or WISP needs to buy WIOCC connectivity to be an OADC client.

Question: If I become an OADC client, will WIOCC try to poach my connectivity business?

Answer: Absolutely not. WIOCC has supplied connectivity exclusively to the wholesale market since it was established in 2008. It does not compete with its clients to supply connectivity to their enterprise or consumer customers.

The fact is that because all OADC data centres are connected to the WIOCC network, OADC clients can – if they wish – secure additional connectivity resilience and diversity through WIOCC.

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