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OADC expands South Africa’s data centre environment: nine more edge DCs announced

  • 26 open accessedge data centres to be live by August; 100 by end-2022
  • Core-to-edge architecture consolidates edge computing, edge data centres and hyperscale connectivity within a single ecosystem, OADC EDGE
  • Supports 5G rollout and extension of Internet Service Provider (ISP) and fibre operator infrastructure into new locations
  • Underpins deployment of high quality, low-latency applications and extends data storage, processing and content delivery to the network edge

Mauritius, 14th June 2022 – Africa’s edge data centre leader, Open Access Data Centres (OADC) – a WIOCC Group company, today announced deployment of a further nine OADC EDGE data centres (DCs) in South Africa. By the end of August, 26 edge DCs will be live, growing to 100 by the end of 2022.

The newest OADC EDGE DCs are being deployed in:

  • Pietermaritzburg
  • New Germany
  • Mount Edgecombe
  • Beaufort West
  • Paarl
  • George
  • Kimberley
  • East London
  • Brits

By consolidating edge computing, edge DCs and hyperscale connectivity within a single ecosystem, OADC has rapidly established an environment that enables 5G operators, ISPs and fibre providers across South Africa to quickly and cost-effectively extend network reach into new markets to take advantage of business growth opportunities.

As well as enabling operators to expand network coverage, OADC EDGE also delivers latency improvements from enabling content to be served locally, maximising end-user experience and underpinning successful rollout of new, time-sensitive applications. The ability to pre-process large volumes of critical data at the edge, before it is forwarded to larger, regional facilities, also improves efficiency and optimises backhaul expenditure.

OADC Chief Technical Officer Bob Wright explains: “We are continuing to expand OADC EDGE with new DC facilities so that 5G operators, ISPs and fibre operators can cost-efficiently extend their network reach into even more locations.

We provide them with secure hosting of their network equipment in remote locations – our sites are fully monitored by our 24/7/365 Network Operation Centre (NOC) – as well as facilitating roof-top access for siting mobile antennae and supporting their high-speed connectivity requirements between DCs. Like our core DCs, OADC EDGE facilities are open access and carrier neutral; any licenced operator can bring their fibre into OADC DCs at no charge to support customers’ connectivity requirements.”

Integral to OADC’s core-to-edge, open-access DC offering is the establishment of further core DCs in major South African cities, supplementing the rollout of more than 100 0.5MW OADC EDGE DCs – representing the largest deployment of open-access DCs on the continent.

The 26 OADC EDGE DCs offer colocation, rooftop access and high-speed network interconnectivity between facilities at up to 100Gbps and on multiple routes for diversity. Rollout is continuing into key connectivity hubs, with new 2-3MW, Tier III OADC facilities coming online in Johannesburg and Cape Town during Q3 2022.