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Most reliable power

OADC utilises the most reliable power available, with detailed power planning for each data centre to determine initial and future needs, plus design changes to ensure ‘concurrent maintainability’ and future-proof scalability across each site.

  • Grid power: selecting sites with adequate power capacity and proven availability, enabling 100% SLA guarantee
  • Backup Generators: diverse A&B feeds to each rack, through 11-132kV direct grid feeds, with 2N diesel generators providing backup autonomy
  • Fuel: up to 120-hour reserve tanks (depending on load) with a minimum of two standby diesel supply contracts

Our power systems enable any combination of AC or DC power in a modular architecture to deliver a scalable supply to meet any present or future power need.

Each data centre build is based on cold-aisle / hot-aisle containment to ensure optimal power designs are achieved to meet client demands; for example, power for each cold-aisle rack is from 3kW to 15kW+.

Continuous onsite and remote monitoring of all M&E systems is implemented within each data centre and this, together with the use of cold-aisle containment, helps to ensure the best possible Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) at each site.  Sustainability is extremely important to us, which is why we are committed to using green renewable energy sources and technologies whenever available, to achieve optimal operational PUE.

Our flexible approach to facility design and construction enables us to expand our data centres with differing space, power and cooling requirements, as our clients’ needs evolve  We are therefore able to offer a ‘build-to-suit’ approach that aligns with every client’s specific requirements.