Power Price Freeze

Providing a stable and predictable cost structure, empowering ISP’s, WISPs and corporate clients to plan and budget effectively.

  • 0% power price increase amidst the NERSA price hike of 18.65%
  • Uninterrupted power supply and load shedding mitigation at Core and Edge facilities
  • Data security and energy efficiency guaranteed

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Colocation: Managing mission-critical data

Our expert team has the knowledge and capability to support you with services that maximise the potential of your presence in our facilities.

Technical, operational and strategic support

To sustainably establish and operate world-class, client-centric data centre facilities across South Africa; where clients can seamlessly extend their business across all ecosystems in an open and transparent environment.

Connectivity: Making the right connections

Our facilities are 100% carrier-neutral. We understand your desire for seamless and robust interconnection with partners, customers, suppliers and your extended business ecosystem, as well as to specific data centres, IXPs and other facilities.