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Open Access Data Centres freezes national power price increase to assist its clients

Open Access Data Centres (A WIOCC Group Company), Africa’s fastest growing data centre company, reaffirms its commitment to its clients by announcing that it will not be increasing power rates despite the recent 18.65% hike imposed by NERSA (National Energy Regulator of South Africa). This decision showcases OADC’s dedication to supporting partners and clients in managing their costs and ensuring their long-term success.

The recent power rate hike by NERSA has placed further burden on many businesses, driving up operational expenses and impacting profitability. However, OADC understands the challenges faced by its clients and aims to alleviate the financial strain by maintaining its existing rates amidst this recent price hike. By doing so, OADC provides a stable and predictable cost structure, empowering ISP’s, WISPs and corporate clients to plan and budget effectively.

Furthermore, OADC goes above and beyond by mitigating the impact of load shedding, a prevalent concern in today’s power-challenged environment. OADC’s robust N+1 infrastructure, including state-of-the-art UPS systems and seamless generator back-up, ensures uninterrupted power and cooling supply to its clients in its four core data centres and network of edge data centres located in business hubs throughout the country. With OADC, businesses can operate confidently without disruption, focusing on their core activities while leaving power security in capable hands.

“Our decision to keep power rates unchanged in the face of NERSA’s recent rate hike is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients,” said Darren Bedford, Group Chief Business Development Officer at WIOCC Group. “We understand the importance of stability and cost control in today’s challenging business landscape. By providing peace of mind with power security measures, we empower businesses to remain focused on their goals without worrying about rising power costs or unexpected outages.”

OADC remains at the forefront of the data centre industry, delivering excellence in service and reliability. With its steadfast commitment to client satisfaction, OADC continues to prioritise the needs of its clients by delivering exceptional value while keeping costs under control.

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