Transforming digital business in West Africa

Open Access Data Centres’ Lagos facility (OADC Lagos) is designed to be the most client-centric data centre in West Africa.

When fully operational, this world-class US$100+ million carrier-neutral facility will deliver approximately 20MW site load across more than 7,200m² of white space – sufficient for 3,200 racks.

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Lekki, Lagos
Tier III Certified
Up to 20MW
Site load
7,200 m²
Maximum white space


3-stage physical security, rn7-level access control
24/7/365 monitoring of all aspects of data centre infrastructure
24/7/365 client support via rnNOC and Service Desk


carrier-neutral, with all major fibre providers present in the facility; dedicated, diverse fibre routes available to other Lagos data centres


colocation (racks, cages, suites, cold aisle, power), Warm Hands, connectivity, cross-connects, consultancy/bespoke design


industry-leading suite of client information systems

Our team is currently working with clients to tailor our services at OADC Lagos to their specific needs. We invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

Our data centre in Lagos is the first of our pan-African network of data centres to be certified by Uptime Institute Tier III and ISO, and we’ve designed it to cater to cloud providers and the international wholesale community seeking to expand their business in West Africa, particularly Nigeria. The Equiano sub-sea cable will directly connect to this data centre.

We’re offering a fresh, client-centred approach to data centres in West Africa, providing innovative facilities and support that enable businesses to expand into new markets with greater flexibility and scalability.

In the next five years, we’re investing $500 million to deploy data centres across Africa to meet the increasing demand from telcos, ISPs, cloud operators, and major enterprises such as governments and finance firms, who require agile and responsive partners to support their growth initiatives.

If you’re interested in learning more about colocation centre in Lagos or discussing how we can support your business in Africa, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our website or contact information.

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Location: Lagos
rnrnrnrnrnrnOADC Lagos – OADC LOS1 Lagosrnlocated at 6°25’27.14“N, 3°30’2.05″E in LekkirnTel: +254 20 421 2000rn
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