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Beyond Connectivity | Converged Open-Access Digital Infrastructure

A client-focused service that is beyond connectivity, providing managed, end-to-end digital connectivity solutions across Africa.

Further international investment will be attracted, with new global clients taking advantage of Africa’s rapidly developing markets.
New digital technologies and services will be able to be delivered to more people, which means new business and social opportunities will open up for people previously digitally disenfranchised.
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The core essence of what we do is bringing this core, open, converged digital infrastructure together that is changing the narrative in Africa. It is bringing digital infrastructure penetration into the continent and transforming economies.

The below podcast features an interview between Bill Pfeifer and Dr Ayotunde Coker, the CEO of Open Access Data Centres. Dr Coker joined the company in June 2022 and has moved rapidly, deploying over 35 data centres across South Africa and Nigeria to address the data centre deficit in Africa, accelerating the continent’s digital transformation. In this conversation, Dr Coker discusses edge as a continuum, the opportunities in Africa and the impact of AI.

What are the benefits?

A unique integrated infrastructure with real advantages and opportunities for clients of all sizes: from major content providers, cloud operators, fixed-line & mobile telcos, major enterprises and large ISPs to smaller WISPs.

Flexible commercial terms to accommodate growing and established businesses with the option to purchase as much or as little bandwidth and data storage capacity as they require, when they require it.

Access to vibrant, interconnected, integrated digital ecosystems.

Carrier-neutral and open-access, giving clients the freedom to choose carriers that meet their specific needs

First opportunity in Africa for cloud services to get closer to the point of consumption, providing enhanced user experience through reduced latency.

Rapidly scalable and flexible, reliable and world-class offerings.

Local support and intelligence to help regional clients access international opportunities. 24/7/365 client support.

Substantial African expertise and intelligence to assist global clients access pan-Africa opportunities.